David Johns-Portraits | About

I have always been taken by photographs of people by Dorothea Lange, Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, Mathew Brady, Brassi, Arnold Newman, Yousuf Karsh, Walker Evans, Irving Penn and Sally Mann to name a few

When I retired, I purchased some lighting equipment, shared studio space with five photographers, and for four years photographed people. I started with the premise "Do What You Love To Do". Everyone has a passion for something and the shoots were always a lot of fun.

After a year I realized I wanted to concentrate on portraits only. Part of the challenge was to find people to sit. I wouldn't get any images unless i asked, so whenever i saw someone i wanted to photograph, I showed them my portfolio and just asked. Fortunately just about everyone i approached - sales clerks, street musicians, workshop attendees, subway riders, other photographers, their kids, restaurant servers, artists did accept.

As you can see, my approach is low key, no fancy clothes or make-up. Just You.

I'm not doing portraits anymore. I'm keeping this site as a portfolio - a body of work.