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John David Berner(non-registered)
David Johns did a fantastic job keeping everyone at ease while taking some of the best photographs of my family that I have ever seen. David is a perfectionist that goes with the flow. Our family took photos with glasses on and off and although at the time it seemed too much, the results speak for themselves. He is very knowledgeable about what looks good and what won't. It was well worth it to get a photographic remembrance of what we like and who we are. Thanks for your patience and skill at producing works of art from our photography session.
Marygrace S(non-registered)
David Johns is an excellent photographer! When I was first approached by David to have a photoshoot I was a bit skeptical and nervous, as I have never done anything like it before, but decided to go for it anyway. As soon I walked into the studio David made me feel very comfortable. He is an extremely friendly and professional individual who has a very keen eye to detail. The whole shoot took about an hour and the final shots were amazing. One of the best parts of the experience is that David was kind enough to print a hardcopy of one of my shots. A shot worth hanging up in my house for sure.
Frans Rood(non-registered)
I am probably not alone, the prospect of having a portrait taken, can be very un-nerving. But, I tell you this in all sincerity, if you have David as your photographer you just leave it to him. There is no pressure, calm, is the order of the session, and the results are quite amazing. Not to see yourself as another person, but you, just you. I am glad I had it done, nothing but compliments to David........Thank You!
Melanie Bradley(non-registered)
Whenever it comes to having my photo taken I am always very anxious. David made it very comfortable and easy going.
David did pictures of my whole little family and he was SO great with my kids and the result was absolutely amazing!!!
I have had so much positive feedback from the photos, that I may very well do this on a yearly basis..if David will put up with us again, lol ;)
I would highly recommend David again and again!
A few weeks ago I was happy to have a second portrait taken by David. Before the actual photo shoot, we had a philosophical, and mutually supportive discussion regarding the arts. It resulted with each of us being put in a very relaxed disposition. Consequently, the resulting session went smoothly—and it was fun—even with my serious side.

David's skills in relaxing the subject, posing, along with his lighting expertise, proved once more—his superb photographic, and interpersonal skills.

David—congratulations—you are a superb photographer, and continued success.

George Alexander Anthony
Andrea Nualan(non-registered)
Hi David!
My sister and I had a blast! The whole experience gave me an insight how studio life is. Thank you for the photography tips and the beautiful pictures.
David Allen(non-registered)
I've known David a long time, and I'm a photographer. I think David might have been intimidated with my manner. At photo shoots, I like to be the one in control, with David, I enjoyed backing off and watching someone elses approach. It was fun to relax and not feel pressure, and you can tell with the results, it worked. Thanks David!
Gabriella Williams(non-registered)
I had such a great time at the photo shoot with David. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed and he was warm and inviting. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I truly believe that David has a great eye and I was thankful to be able to use my photo for my own personal purposes as well. Thank you David for choosing to be apart of your portfolio. I had such a great time.
Henry Zankowicz(non-registered)
It was an interesting shoot and enjoyed watching David work.
Thank you for taking the time to make me look great!

"Love my shots"!
I had a great, comfortable time getting my portrait taken by David. The studio is spacious and in a good location if you are driving. I had a hard time figuring out how to pose, but he coached me through it and we ended with some great shots! We also took a couple snaps of me and my puppy, which I absolutely loved. Thank you David!
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